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Thanks a million! Your arrangements are so helpful for times when I have to quickly find things for
instruments that match the hymnal's harmonization. At St. Boniface, this happens frequently as I also
have a bell choir that plays on the hymns. Their arrangements are based on the hymnal harmonization,
which makes your arrangements for instruments so beneficial. Always fun!

Thanks for the email and sharing your amazing, God given music gift with me. I live in a small seaside
town in England about 100 miles to the east of London. I will be using your descants and harmonies with
young musicians so that they can play a more fulfilling role in their church music ministry. More than just
everyone playing, or singing, the melody line. Building the church musicians of tomorrow is my ministry
and your support in that will be so helpful. We will pray for you and your ministry.
God bless

Thanks for your help - and again, I want to say it is a wonderful service you are offering to other
ministers of music like myself. Best of all is the spirit with which you offer your help - truly Christlike.
God bless you.
Paul , Louisville, KY

Thank you for an amazing experience! I am very impressed that I received a thank you note. I was
asked Wednesday night at rehearsal if I couldn't play (timpani) with the brass and choir for the hymns. I
spent several hours on the internet trying to find parts and then I discovered your website.

Dear Randy, How awesome are you.  This is perfect and wow "fast"!  It will be my delight to give you
credit for this fine arrangement.  On behalf of Christ Episcopal,  in Spotsylvania, VA,  please accept our
praise and graditude. This will be the first congregational hymn on Easter morning.  What a wonderful
way to honor our Risen Lord. Blessings and Peace,
Denise, Spotsylvania, VA

“We are really happy to have found this resource you are providing and very grateful for your
generosity and dedication to this music.  I think in the end it will help us bridge a gap between
the college age crowd and the adults in our church.”
Will Skelton, St. Alexis Episcopal, Jackson, MS

“Randy Adams from St. Cuthbert’s wrote some fantastic hymn arrangements for instruments,
even guitar.... His work is top quality and is not available anywhere else…. [Now] churches can
incorporate more instruments into worship. It’s a wonderful new project.”  
Linda Patterson, Chair, Church Music Commission, Episcopal Diocese of Texas

"The Advent arrangements are working wonderfully for our fledgling orchestra! They worked
better than expected. The flexibility of the arrangements are ideal.  Thank you so much for the
extra attention."
Fred Ratliff, Calvary Episcopal, Austin, Texas

"Your arrangements are spectacular!...and what a blessing they are to all church musicians and
their congregations.  I’m very pleased with the exceptionally high quality of your work.
Last evening’s Hymn Society Hymn Festival...was a stunning success, thanks in a very large part
to your hymn arrangements....  Using a variety of instruments, including flute, oboe, violin,
E-flat sax, B-flat clarinet, trumpets, flugelhorn, timpani and marimba...made for quite an evening.  
Over 600 people heard proof of how flexible and creative [CuthbertPraise] arrangements are.  
God’s presence was so intense!"
Larry Marietta, First Congregational Church, Berkeley CA

"Wow! The arrangements are great! Thanks so much! I'll work with these and get back to you."
Deb S., Trinity Episcopal, Beaver PA

"Thank you!! Everything downloaded just fine and it will work nicely for Palm Sunday."
Jean W., St. John's Lutheran, Springfield IL

"What a blessing you are
A permanent bookmark on my search engine!
I have searched through dozens of sites and
your is definitely the best. God bless you!"
Deborah K., Small Church Music Minister

"Thanks again for taking the time to write.  I am so very grateful to know that there is an actual human
being on the other end of the “submit” button.  Many good wishes for your very important ministry."
Dana S., Small Church Music Minister

Thanks, Randy.  I used to have the full hymnal and need to replace it (left it with our last church).  
Thanks so much for your help.  I look forward to revisiting your website and doing some more shopping
when I have a little more time.  Very cool arrangements.
Thanks, and have a merry and blessed Christmas.

Awesome---thank you!  I didn't want to bother you during Nutcracker to ask for a CD so I tried to
download--ha!  Blessings to you and your family, too---I love what you've done and all of the hymns at St.
Peter's for both services will now use your arrangements---we are using flutes, trumpet, tympani...and
your work makes mine so much easier---thanks again!
Linda, Brenham, TX

Your “Crown Him” arrangement is excellent!  My church is having a Memorial Service for a much-loved
former pastor, and he requested that hymn “with instruments.”  Your arrangement fit the bill to a T!
Best wishes for a very peaceful summer!

I am so glad my friend told me about your site.  Your arrangements are great and the price is certainly
right....  I can't believe I've been transposing for all those band instruments.  Since I am not proficient
with Finale, I do it by hand.  What a relief you are!
Kevin, Ocean Springs, MS

Randy, It's truly a pleasure working with your arrangements at St. Johns Epis. in Ocean Springs, MS.
I'm working with our young people on numerous arrangements, and we would like  to add Hail  Thee
Festival Day from the Episcopal Hymnal. Is this an option from your arrangement style? Look forward
to hearing from you. Many Thanks ! Keep up the Great Work.
Mark, Ocean Springs. MS

I really love your makes it much easier for us to add instruments
to our church hymns!!

How wonderful!  Thank you so much.  We'll be enjoying your beautiful arrangements on Easter Sunday
at Church of the Advent, Episcopal, in Brownsville, Texas.
I will certainly spread the word.
Lindsay, Brownsville, TX

Wow! Thanks so much Randy! We really appreciate you remembering us!
This is a great ministry that you do, it must be very labor intensive.
Eileen, Gilbert AZ

Thanks, Randy! I will definitely be in touch with you whenever I need to order more music. Your
customer service is absolutely great!!
Anita, Lenox, MA

It’s my pleasure. We have a brass group at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and have been using your
arrangements for several years. You provide a great service, about which I learned from our former
organist and choir director Philip who is now at the University of Chicago.
In addition, I just introduced your site to Todd Burrer, from whom I bought a euphonium recently. Todd
is a low-brass player, former high school band director and current contributor to music at a Methodist
church in (I think) the Kingwood area. He was THRILLED to learn about CutherbertPraise.
Best regards – John, Houston, TX
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